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exile fitness academy favicon Who are we?

Fitness and health specialists based in Scotland

Fitness can be daunting, and gym-based environments can be intimidating. For an exile, a gym can be a place that elicits negative feelings and apprehensions. If you are a first-timer who feels stared at, judged, or that they don’t belong in a fitness environment, in EXILE you belong. If you are a seasoned gym participant made to feel excluded by non-like-minded individuals who for example make fun of your pre-prepared lunch at work, in EXILE you belong. Our highly trained team of coaches possess a vast knowledge base underpinned by real-world, results-driven protocols, grounded in the most up to date, cutting edge scientific research. Whatever your goals or experience level, we are here to help you on every step of your fitness journey. Our message here at EXILE is a simple one:

No matter your background, your goals, or your experience, in EXILE you will be accepted into a community of like-minded individuals with relatable experiences who will support you as you support them to create a more complete, more fulfilled, healthier version of yourself.

Together we will THRIVE in EXILE.

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Craig Moffat
Craig MoffatCoach
Fitness has always been a significant part of my life. I spent the bulk of my childhood in awe of my Father shifting heavy iron in our garage and having him teach me the fundamentals that underpin my knowledge today

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Sam Henderson
Sam HendersonCoach
I’ve been practising strength sports and weight lifting for 7 years and competed in national Powerlifting events until 2020, winning a gold medal for my weight class in Scotland.

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Fatima Gani
Fatima GaniCoach
Fitness has reshaped my life and my mindset. I originally joined a gym to get fitter but learning more about my physical capabilities has given me the confidence and motivation to pursue health & fitness as a lifestyle rather than a short-term goal.

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Strive Package

  • Access to our member exclusive app
  • Access to pre-built programming
  • HIIT workouts
  • Strength training programmes
  • Track your workouts & body metrics

Thrive Package

  • All benefits of DRIVE package
  • Your own dedicated coach
  • Weekly check-in and adjustments
  • 24/7 support

Drive Package

  • All benefits of STRIVE package
  • Bespoke training plan
  • Individualised nutrition targets
  • Monthly check-in and asjustments

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